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At Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc, in partnership with CAP GroupLLC, Metal Technologies, Inc. and Bedford Recycling, Inc. we can help you create your idea from start to finish. From the design stage thru tooling and production, and even taking care of your recyclable by-products. We can supply many services to meet and exceed your expectations. We own and operate these four great companies to provide complete customer service. Our common mission is to be committed to total customer satisfaction from a customer’s point of view. We invite you to explore our web sites and contact us so we can begin a lasting partnership.

Thanks for your time,
Doug Conrad

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Our Facility

Our facility spans 96,000 square feet just a mile off of State Road 37. 3 bays are available for work, all equipped with 26 foot under cranes. 10 overhead cranes ranging from 5 ton to 35 ton capacity cover all the moving needs of the facility.

We have state of the art equipment capable of handling any and all projects large and small. We have a wide variety of horizontal and vertical mills, lathes, grinders, band and cutoff saws, presses, and welding equipment.

We also offer sand blasting and powder painting to give your project a final finish.

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Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction from a Customer's Point of View.

We will deliver products and services to our customers on time that fully meet all applicable requirements. We will do this by committing to a strategy of continual process improvement through our Quality Management Systems.

Vision Statement:
Through our dedicated workforce and leadership, we will deliver products and services to our customers on time that fully meet all contract requirements. We will do this by committing to a strategy of continual process improvement through our quality management systems, employee training and involvement, and knowledge of our customers' needs.

Continual Quality Improvement:
We at BMT continue to improve our quality and processes to meet our customer standards. BMT has incorporated a continual improvement team to help identify and resolve our process and quality problems at our facility. This group of employees have committed their time and energy to lead changes to benefit our customer in better quality and quicker turn around of projects. The people on this team representing all the different departments in our company are able to provide recommendations which will affect each department and the customer.

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Die Cast Tooling

Bedford Machine & Tool has over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and repairing die cast tooling.

In addition to complete designing and manufacturing of new die cast dies, we also provide: die rebuild, die refurbishment, replacement components, new cavity inserts, and die repair services to all types of dies.

Bedford Machine has performed work on most types of aluminum dies, including:

  • High Pressure die casting
  • Low Pressure die casting
  • Permanent die casting
  • Semi Permanent die casting
  • Forging Dies

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Large Machining

Bedford Machine & Tool’s horizontal milling capacity covers a full range of requirements for large manufacturing needs.

We have the capabilities and machine travels up to 10.5ft vertical x 47ft horizontal.

We have (6) large mills with vertical travels in excess of 80” and weight capacity up to 35 tons on our CNC rotary tables.

If smaller size and weight capacity is required, we offer horizontal high speed machining sizes of 49” x 41” x 32” with 15,000 RPM spindles.
With our available equipment, we can handle a wide variety of alternatives to meet the needs of our customers.

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CNC Production

Our Production Machining capabilities can meet most customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle a wide range of parts. Large capacity CNC machining up to 10.5ft vertical x 47ft horizontal, and small capacity CNC machining with various size machines and up to 20,000 RPM.

Our versatile production systems allow us to produce a variety of 1pc samples to thousands of parts per month.

We take pride in applying skilled trade machining techniques to meet your production needs.

Bedford Machine is ISO 9001 registered and offers versatile inspection and documentation of customer products via CMM’s and Laser Trackers.
We welcome you to visit our facility to see how we produce some of the most demanding parts in Industry.

Automation and Engineering

Providing mechanical / electrical engineering, manufacturing, electrical fabrication, hydraulic and pneumatic fabrication, run-off, installation, and on-site services for custom automation and equipment. Please contact us for a quotation on your next project.

Our engineering staff can meet your needs with some of the most advanced technology in the industry today.

Bedford Machine & Tool engineers are experienced in: die cast die design, stamping die design, automated machinery, robotic end of arm tooling, pick and place grippers, trim machines, leak testers, hydraulic and mechanical machining fixtures, CMM fixtures, gages, conveyor systems, as well as work cell layouts.

We also have the skills and equipment to reverse engineer components for either manufacturing or to create a CAD database.

Unigraphics NX and AutoCAD are our primary CAD media. We have the required translators to import and export most software packages.

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Fabrication and Painting

Bedford Machine & Tool provides welding and fabrication product to our customers for a multitude of materials: aluminum, structural/mild steel, and tool steels.

We follow NADCA specifications when working in the Die Cast Industry, and AWS D1.1 in the structural industry.

We offer MIG, TIG, Stick, Sub-Arc and Stud Welding.

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Join our Team

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Kirbie Conrad
Human Resources Manager
Bedford Machine and Tool
2103 John Williams Blvd
Bedford, IN 47421
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Contact Us

2103 John Williams Blvd.
    Bedford, IN 47421


Fax: 812-275-1991


Sales Manager
Dale Anderson
Extension 325

General Manager
Chad Jerrell
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Plant Manager
Rich Ward
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Project Engineer
Kevin Steber
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Human Resources Manager
Kirbie Conrad
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